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Open GL Hardware Quad-Buffered Stereo

This requires a professional Graphics card with hardware OpenGL Stereo Support (i.e. NVidia Quadro, 3D Labs, ATI-Fire GL, NVStereo Driver).

In the driver's control panel opengl settings OpenGL stereo support must be enabled. Here is an example configuration dialog for an Nvidia Quadro XGL card (in German).

In the Contact preferences the OpenGL driver must be selected, in the Contact OpenGL Settings dialog "Stereo" must be enabled in order to search for an stereo capable display format

The player must be restarted if this option is changed, and now the  option Settings ->Stereo -> Hardware  is available.
If a stereo Open GL format is initialized Contact renders two times for the left and right buffer. In the Settings->Stereo ->  Hardware (Quad Buffered) Menu must be enabled. This is automatically enabled If a stereo GL format is found and initialized at the next start.

Beside the stereo capable Open GL board an Monitor with a high refresh rate (100-160 HZ) and active Shutter Glasses (Like the Stereographics or ELSA Revelator glasses) connected to the Video Output / or stereo connector output. Alternatives are an HMD or stereo capable projectors. Another option are splitter boxes separating the stereo video signal into left-right separate signals for passive stereo projection.