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The following keys are useful to adjust the stereo view for comfortable viewing:

SHIFT- SHIFT+ on keypad, changes the stereo separation (distance between eyes)
CTRL-SHIFT - CTRL-SHIFT + on keypad, changes the focal distance ( distance viewer position, position, target (where the eyes are focusing in a point))
CTRL - CTRL + on the keypad, changes the field of view.

CTRL-F3 and clicking with the mouse on geometry in 3D sets the focal distance (plane of zero parallax) to the current distance from the viewer to the object. This allows to quickly adpat the stereo focus

Another option is the Contact Control Pad available via the F6 Key. In the stereo tab the eye separation and focal distance can be edited.The eye separation can be set negative in order exchange left and right views.

The ViewVolume node can be used to specify the projection parameters in more detail, compared to the Viewpoint node.

The values for stereoSeparation and focalDistance are heavily depending on the scene dimensions. The standard VRML unit is meters, corresponding to the default eye distance of 6cm.

The Save button save the current value of Eye >Separation and Focal Distance to  an url file in the  Contact Cache directory. This settings are reloaded the next time this file or url is loaded.

Certain Stereo Modes have OpenGL requirements, e.g. SeeReal mode needs an OpenGL stencil buffer, Hardware Stereo need an OpenGL stereo context. If the requirements are currently not given after switching to a stereo mode, one can reload the scene to have Contact adapt the OpenGL renderer settings automatically. For using NVidia Stereo Consumer Driver supplied stereo modes one usually have to turn off Contacts's stereo rendering modes.