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Animation Tutorial

Animation Tutorial
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This Tutorial shows you how to create basic animation.

See also: Timeline, Object Property View

Enable Translate and select your object to translate it to the starting point of the animation.

Set the starting point of the animation

Click New Property at the end of the Property Dock for adding a new porpertys and select Animation in the appearing dialog.

Click New Property

Add Property dialog

A new animation will be created and shown at the end of the Property Dock from the selected object. Change the Duration into your required animation time and check Loop for creating a looped animation.

TimeSensor Rollout

Activate the animation mode by clicking on Animate.

Set BS Content Studio in Animation Mode

Moving your object around will create the required animation graph and will add a key in the Timeline.
The first key in the Timeline will be generated automatically.

Create Key

Change the animation time and positions to create new animation keys.
Watch your animation by draging the Time Slider left and right.

For changing the time value of your keys click right on them and choose Properties. In the appearing dialog you can set the time exactly.

Key Properties dialog

Select your keys by clicking on them.
The Time Slider will automatically jump to the time of the selected key.

Select Key

Right click on key to delete animation or clone a key.

Key context menu

Move Key
Goto contents

For moving an animation key in the Timeline hold the right mouse button and drag the key.

Set the key time

Step through the animation keys by using the navigation buttons.

Navigation buttons

Exit Animation Mode
Goto contents

Stop the animation mode by clicking on Animate again.

Exit Animation Mode

Watch your animation by clicking on the Play button in the Tollbar, you can as well pause and stop the animation. Your Animation will only start in the Play mode if you checked Loop. Otherwise the TimeSensor has no start time and won't beging.

Play Animation

Route Graph View visualize the animation graph. The necessary connections are automatically created.

Route Graph View

To delete the animation select your object and click on the trash can in the Propertry Dock at the TimeSensor rollout.

Delete Animation

By clicking on the Extended Animation Button in the Time Sensor Rollout you can create predefined animations. Predefined animations are:
Rotation Cycles

  • Rotation Cycles Animation
  • Ping Pong Animation

Extended Animation

More informations about Extended Animation
More informations about Rotation Cycles Animation
More informations about Ping Pong Animation